Monroe County Executive Adam Bello says "Vote Mel!"

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A message from Mel . . .


Mel is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Highland Family Medicine and has lived in Penfield for 32 years where she and her husband Joe raised their four children. Their oldest child, Meghan, lives in Penfield with her three children who attend Penfield Schools.

Mel has demonstrated a strong commitment to our community by serving in organizations such as Shepherd Home (Penfield’s comfort care home), Meals on Wheels, the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning and the Breast Cancer Coalition. She has been on the board of St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center and the Bayview YMCA. She was a core committee member of the successful Save Shadow Pines effort.

During the pandemic, Mel has volunteered in getting factual information and actual vaccinations out to diverse Rochester-area communities.

Mel has been the recipient of multiple awards from both professional nursing organizations and her employer. She received the Rochester Business Journal’s Health Achievement Award - Nurse Category.


I have had the privilege of connecting with hundreds of wonderful families in Penfield over the 32 years we have lived here. Our town is unique with areas of dense population, local businesses and active farms. As a County Legislator, I will faithfully represent all who live and/or work in Penfield.

We are a stronger community when those in government collaborate and listen to a wide variety of voices: residents, experts, businesses and representatives of organizations and institutions that have a stake in our future.

We need to work together to face the challenges of racial equity, environmental crises, mental health and addiction, education, jobs, infrastructure, criminal justice, and health care. No single entity, governmental or private, will have the sole pathway to a better future for everyone in our community.

Some of my key goals are:

  • Collaborate with Penfield organizations, businesses, schools, town government and most importantly, Penfield families, to assure our town’s needs are addressed within the County Legislature.

  • Support a long term fiscal plan for Monroe County that meets current and future needs of our community.

  • Uphold a county government that is accessible, transparent and accountable to all stakeholders.

Health and Safety

For over a year, our community has experienced the challenges of the pandemic. Fortunately, County Executive Adam Bello and our Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Mike Mendoza, work closely together and follow the science to keep our community safe and healthy.

Penfield needs a county legislator who will keep residents quickly and thoroughly informed of the administration’s recommendations for our families, businesses and schools as the covid virus mutates, sometimes necessitating those recommendations to be modified.

Ethics Reform

The Republican majority proposed legislation that would prohibit public disclosure of ethics violations thus protecting sexual predators among other ethics code violators. Their proposal also bans outside employment for county management and professional employees to stop “double dipping”. But this would also bar certain employees from maintaining their professional certifications or credentials, e.g., physicians who need to practice clinically in addition to acting as managers.

Penfield needs a county legislator who will stand up for the rights of those harmed due to ethics violations, will insist on transparent processes for dealing with them, and will think through proposed legislation so that employees simply following the requirements of their profession are not punished.

Economic Recovery

Monroe County will be receiving $140m from the American Rescue Plan. County Executive Adam Bello will be establishing bipartisan, diverse committees to determine a distribution plan that will benefit each community. In addition, Adam developed the Fast Forward Monroe Small Business Grant Program with $15m of CARES funding to help small businesses with two to fifty employees.

Penfield needs a county legislator who can advocate for Penfield’s small businesses by working creatively with available county programs and promoting the Penfield Business Chamber’s “Look Local First” initiative, which reveals that $68 out of every $100 spent locally is reinvested in the community.


Many roads and bridges throughout our county need major repairs. County Executive Adam Bello has already committed $10.7m for road repairs. The federal infrastructure bill will provide additional funding for necessary improvements not only to roads and bridges, but for public transit, expansion of broadband, and clean drinking water.

Penfield needs a county legislator to work with the administration on improving conditions on the seventeen county roads in our town, one who will also provide thoughtful, fact-based input on utilizing our county’s share of federal funding on other key infrastructure initiatives.

Climate Action Planning

Monroe County is making great progress in reducing energy use and supporting green innovation. We registered as a Climate Smart Community on February 1, 2021. This makes our county eligible for state funding and/or technical assistance to help us shift toward renewable energy and climate-smart land use. Additionally, C-Pace which was signed into legislation in June, allows commercial building owners and developers to apply for financing to make important energy upgrades without using taxpayer dollars.

Penfield needs a county legislator who will support county environmental efforts while working collaboratively with Penfield town leaders, builders, and farmers to explore ways to reduce our own town’s carbon footprint.

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